What is Lares 2.0?
Lares 2.0 is a software designed for data collection. It is a web platform with information on insects, weeds, and diseases. It works as an online community that allows producers and companies alike to know, through efficient information management, the adverse conditions of their fields and areas to devise pest control strategies.

What is it for?
Lares 2.0 manages information about the protection of different crops. It allows you to draw a comparison with the area, which in many cases helps you make decisions and join a community of over 100,000 hectares.

What are its benefits?
It saves time and money. The constant assistance of Lares SRL professional staff helps you make decisions.

Lares 2.0 added value:
Lares 2.0 has a large pool of producers and agro professionals. The community in Lares 2.0 lets the producer know what is happening in the area to make decisions in advance, saving time and money.

Lares 2.0 is easy to use since it has an intuitive operating system and user-friendly interfaces.

Who can use it?
Independent producers, monitoring companies, companies that have their own monitoring staff and services, supplier companies.

Does Lares 2.0 offer consulting services and technical support?
Lares SRL offers a staff of experts that assesses every sample recorded in the server, giving recommendations appropriate to the diagnosis established.

What is necessary to implement Lares 2.0?
To make the most of the potential of Lares 2.0 all you need is an Android phone and mobile data.

Download the presentation here

How can I get Lares 2.0?
Please send an email to info@lares-srl.com or call us .